Frequently Asked Questions


Does Dr. Eads accept Medicare or other insurance payment?

Dr. Eads has opted out of Medicare, and is not a contracted provider with any insurances.  This means she is not allowed to accept payment from Medicare, and the costs for her services can not be submitted to Medicare for reimbursement.  If you have private insurance, you may seek out of network reimbursement from them on your own.

Does Medicare or other insurance cover labs ordered by Dr. Eads?

Depending on your individual symptoms and diagnoses, Medicare or other insurance may cover some of the lab testing.  Ask your insurance if a doctor other than your primary care doctor may order labs and they cover those labs.

What does this program cost?

The Phase I program costs $5000.  Dr. Eads invests about 20 hours into each participant, learning their unique personal history, determining what labs to use to evaluate their individual risks, analyzing those lab results, and creating their personalized treatment action plan. 

How do I pay for the program?

Payment is due when you are accepted into the program, and is held in escrow as described in a contract you will receive.  Credit card, debit card, and check are all accepted.

May I talk with Dr. Eads to see if this program is a good fit for me before I commit?

Certainly!  Dr. Eads will gladly meet with you virtually over live videoconference on your computer.  This 30-minute Inquiry Consultation is for you to ask your remaining questions (after going through this website) and to find out if you and Dr. Eads are a good match, and if this program is well-suited for you.  It costs $50, and your spouse or adult child may join you, if desired.

Do I have to travel to see Dr. Eads?

No.  As a telemedicine practice, all of your consultations happen in the comfort of your own home, on your own computer or iPad/tablet with a camera and microphone.  It's similar to FaceTime, but over a secure website.  Many of Dr. Eads' patients reside in another state.  If you are local to Dr. Eads (Colorado Springs), she is happy to meet with you in person to get acquainted, if you desire.


If I have already made lifestyle changes, how can Dr. Eads help me?

Congratulations on already making healthy lifestyle changes!  With the information obtained from testing done in the Phase I program, Dr. Eads can advise you how to customize your nutrition and other lifestyle practices, in addition to supplements, to optimize your brain health.