About Dr. Eads


Who Is Dr. Eads?

Born in the midwest, I learned the core values of treasuring family, working hard, and serving others early on.  Family members from both sides modeled helping others in the role of family physician, so it was no surprise I wanted to be a doctor.

After earning my BS from Texas A&M University, I earned my MD from UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas and then completed residency there in Family Medicine and gained Board Certification.  I  joined a large group in Colorado Springs and loved partnering with individuals and families to improve their health, but soon grew weary of rushed appointments that didn't allow true connections and healing.   

I created a solo practice so I could slow down and nurture deep, healing relationships with my patients to understand and serve them better.  Kaiser studied my practice when they noted how well my patients did as a result of doing things differently, putting them first instead of the typical ‘doctor as king’ mentality.  I crafted one of the first concierge practices in the area to further deepen partnering relationships with my patients. In my quest to heal people that my conventional training left unanswered, I found Functional Medicine and studied an entirely new way of thinking and addressing health and disease.  Through my extensive Institute of Functional Medicine training, I learned many lifestyle and non-pharmaceutical treatment options that were often safer and as effective as what I had previously been taught. Along the way, I earned my second Board Certification, in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. I gained experience in coaching people through change to help them succeed in taking back their health. 


Why Focus on Alzheimer's?

 Unknowingly, my life’s twists and turns have been preparing me for this great work.  It took me over 20 years of practicing medicine to find my true passion - helping people save their brains from deterioration like Alzheimer’s. 


Why have I designed my practice to better serve people with concerns of dementia?  My grandmother was the first person I’d ever known with Alzheimer’s disease. A happy, positive, self-sacrificing woman who always wore a genuine smile had watched her father and only sibling be pulled into the dark abyss of Alzheimer’s dementia. She knew what was coming. Though fearful, she courageously fought Alzheimer’s for herself and for her family.


Despite my formal medical training at a top institution, I felt helpless to do anything to help her oppose her unrelenting decline. My heart broke as I wanted so desperately to help her come back, but that was impossible.  Yes, her body was there, but a mean and resentful person replaced the lovely woman I knew. Alzheimer’s had stolen her from me, and an impostor had taken up refuge in her body. All I could do was watch her deteriorate and slowly slip away.  It was so painful to see her when she no longer remembered me. Eventually, it was mercifully over.  

Years later, when I heard of the unprecedented results of Dr. Bredesen’s program to prevent and reverse cognitive decline, I became a certified practitioner of his ReCODE Protocol.  I am inspired by this opportunity to help people avoid dementia and obtain better overall health in the process.


Why Partner With Dr. Eads?

I know what it’s like to lose a loved one to Alzheimer’s. I know the fear of facing that potential future myself. Specializing in a program that has proven clinical improvement for those concerned of cognitive decline and dementia, I’ve personally made tough changes to follow the protocol myself.  I understand what it takes, and what is at stake.


I want to help you secure a healthy brain for yourself or a loved one.  Consider the following questions:

  • Do you seek an assessment of your risk of developing dementia? 
  • Do you yearn to drastically increase your chance of a future without dementia?
  • Do you desire better overall health as a byproduct of tending to your brain?
  • Do you aim to reverse the decline in mental acuity you’ve already experienced?
  • Do you wish to spare yourself and your family from potentially spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on years of assisted living and memory care?
  • Do you long to remember your loved ones and engage with them meaningfully until it’s your time to go?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of the above questions, my program was made for you.

About Sandi


Sandi Grimmer

 As a certified health coach, personal trainer, biomechanics specialist and medical exercise specialist, Sandi brings many talents to our team.  She has extensive experience coaching adults over 50, as she particularly enjoys serving this population.  She helps Dr. Eads behind the scenes and serves as a communication liaison, scheduler, etc.  Apart from her passions in fitness and nutrition, Sandi is a wife, a mother of a 3-year-old and is actively involved in MOPS and Rocky Mt. Christian Church.