I created a program with two phases. The first encompasses a detailed evaluation of your current cognitive status and metabolic risk for developing dementia and develops a precise, personalized treatment plan based on the ReCODE protocol. The second phase assists you in successfully implementing that interventional plan via personalized coaching.

I personally invite you to consider participating in this incredibly meaningful program.

Phase I - Alzheimer's Prevention & Treatment Optimization

Phase I of the program involves extensive review of your history and comprehensive testing to determine your current position on the road to developing Alzheimer’s dementia. Dr. Bredesen calls this evaluation a cognoscopy. It will help reveal your unique metabolic causes of poor brain performance, whether you’ve noticed it or not. 

Typically, the more mental compromise a person has, the more metabolic processes have gone off course.  Some people may need to undergo more detailed testing if the initial round of tests does not adequately reveal their causative factors. You may choose to use your insurance to cover portions of the testing or not.  I extend my lab discount to you if paying cash is in your best interest.  Estimated costs of the initial round of testing using insurance, like Medicare, is $700 but you may have to pay your deductible if you have not met it. Not using any insurance, like Medicare, and paying for your testing is estimated to cost $1400. 

This phase culminates with a detailed, highly individualized treatment plan for you to optimize your brain health. It explains your results and why they are important, and gives precise recommendations.  If fully executed, this intervention usually stops declining cognitive performance and may reverse it. It is up to you to put these recommendations into practice - this phase does not include assistance in carrying out your unique protocol. Successful implementation of this detailed treatment plan, although challenging, can yield very favorable results, as it has for numerous others. For example, people diligently following Dr. Bredesen’s protocol have:  

  • returned to work and done complex tasks again
  • remembered once more how to drive to their friend’s home
  • remembered the foreign language they used to be fluent in but forgot
  • remembered their pets’ names that they could not keep straight 
  • stopped needing to write everything down because they can recall it again


Based on experience, as long as the intervention is executed fully, the improvement continues. The first person to follow this protocol has maintained her impressive improvement for over 6 years. However, when people cease following their individualized treatment program, they typically decline in 10 days. Fortunately, fully re-implementing the protocol usually brings them back to their improved state once more. To date, it seems that the benefits persist as long as the metabolic interventions are continued. 

Phase I package includes:

  • 3 live consultations with Dr. Eads via secure telemedicine videoconference 
    • MoCA cognitive testing (20-30 minutes)
    • Initial detailed assessment/history (1- 2 hours)
    • Presentation and discussion of individually determined treatment plan (1-2 hours)
  • Extensive cognitive testing to determine your current brain function (MoCA, CNS Vital Signs)
  • Detailed review of your personal medical/lifestyle/exposure history (takes Dr. Eads ~3 hours)
  • Screening for biotoxins via vision testing 
  • Expert evaluation (which takes ~5 hours) and explanation of extensive laboratory testing* to evaluate for and hopefully determine your individual drivers of mental acuity, including:
    • Strongest gene associated with Alzheimer’s (Apo E4)
    • Gene associated with activating B vitamins (MTHFR)
    • Inflammation level (hsCRP)
    • Glucose metabolism parameters (HgA1c, insulin, glucose)
    • Lipid levels and particle sizes (NMR)
    • Hormone status (thyroid, sex hormones)
    • Nerve-supporting vitamins (Bs, D)
    • Heavy metal toxicity (mercury, lead)
    • Nutrient metal status (magnesium, zinc, iron)
    • Gut health (leaky gut, microbiome health)
    • Micronutrient status (CoQ10, glutathione, omega-3 fatty acids)
  • Copies of all of your test results
  • Extensive, detailed, intensely personalized treatment plan recommendations (which takes ~10 hours to generate), including:
    • Nutrition – MCT oil or not for you, ketosis or not for you, foods to choose and avoid, when to eat, how to eat
    • Exercise – how much, how often, how long, how intense
    • Brain exercise – what form, how often, how long
    • Sleep – how much, ideal sleep environment, recommendations to help you sleep
    • Stress management – what form, how often, how long, specific techniques/tools
    • Supplements – specific brand name best suited for you, amount, when to take, how often, how long and why
  • Partnering with a physician who really cares about you, your situation and your success.


*Laboratory testing costs are not included in the program price. I will help you decide, based on your particular situation, if using your insurance/Medicare or paying directly for your labs is most advantageous. Unfortunately, insurance/Medicare does not yet cover these tests for the reason of memory loss or cognitive decline. 

This Phase I program costs $5000 for my live consultations, cognitive testing, in-depth assessment of your lifestyle and history, ordering and interpreting your labs, and developing and explaining your unique intervention plan. Additionally, including the cost of testing as described above, the total estimated cost of Phase I comes to approximately $5700 with using Medicare or $6400 without using insurance.

After following your personalized intervention diligently and completely for 3 months, retesting (both lab and cognitive) is recommended to assure progress is occurring. I will perform this retesting and re-evaluation, and present your findings and revised treatment plan for an additional cost of $1000, plus lab testing costs. Once you have reached your optimal brain function, the same testing and evaluation is recommended annually to maintain your improvement. 

Those who have completed Phase I are invited to apply for Phase II. 


Phase II - Physician Coaching for Optimization

Phase II of the program involves interventional motivational brain health coaching to assist individuals (and their caregivers, if appropriate) in successfully implementing their unique treatment program. Historically, carrying out this protocol has been extremely challenging for many. Phase II is designed to give participants the assistance and encouragement to successfully complete six-months of their individual protocol which usually ensures a positive permanent lifestyle change. This brain health coaching program involves intense engagement with me and is limited to a few participants at a time.