Increase Your Healthspan

Curious about your general state of health?  Want to learn how to optimize your health while decreasing the chance of suffering from a chronic disease like diabetes, heart attack, stroke, cancer, or dementia?  Check out your current level of health with a functional medicine comprehensive health evaluation geared toward invigorating brain and body function while drastically reducing your risk of Alzheimer's, heart attacks and strokes.  After implementing your personalized prevention plan, you might experience increased energy, lose excess weight, and add more life to your years and not just years to your life.   

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Make your Golden Years truly golden

Comprehensive Preventative Health Snapshot


Extensive Testing

Evaluate your current markers of health including cognitive capacity, inflammation, cholesterol, glucose control, hormone balance, toxicity, gut microbiome health.

Detailed Analysis by a Functional Medicine Expert

Over a thousand different biomarkers are evaluated individually and taken into account for your specific concerns.

Creation of Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Based on your individual results, a detailed, highly specific action plan suited to you is generated.  

Discover Your Personalized Action Plan



Detailed, highly personalized nutritional plan is tailored specifically for you.



Information on how much, how often, and what types of exercise are ideal for you.



Details on specific ways you can support restorative sleep.



Learn how important relationships are and how to grow them.

Stress Management


Discover various stress management techniques and why they are important to  your health.



Customized supplement recommendations include brand name, dosage, frequency, and duration.